Monday, November 16, 2009

Dead. Blog.

My blog has been kinda dead. haha.
My life has been. kinda the same too.
Gosh. That was hard to admit.
Yeah. Routine stuff.
I need to change my life mannnn..
Throw away all those unnecessary stuff/ people. hmm.

Omg. It's been like almost a month since I came back from Dubai.
And I'm really missing it.
I want to go back there. and work & LIVE there. I love it :(
I wish I was back there.
I even dreamt about it.
I can still remember vividly the sights and sounds, taste, smells, feeling the desert sand in my feet.
Damn. Thinking about it makes me feel even more down than I already am.

Enough Izza.
Focus on your life right here, right now.

Okay people.
I'll try to be more vigilant in updating this webspace of mine. lol.


Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm in DUBAI!


Kinda missing the outings I should be having in Singapore.


Okay la. but things are great here. Expensive, but great. haha.

I've officially moved up a rank. From being a LOCAL BUM to a INTERNATIONAL BUM. LOL.

Coz you see, when my aunt's at work, I just sit at home and literally bum around. haha.

Well, anyway..

I've been to a few places.. like the malls and also the DESERT! haha.

Nice uh. The sand was like red-ish.. and the sun was seting.. nice. =)

At night, the sky was so clear that I could see a million stars shining away + the cresent moon..


Had henna tattooed on my hand.. watched the 'great belly dancer' lol.

Basically, I'm loving it.

But I miss stuff like what freedom I can have in Singapore, where everything's safer and convenient.

But the thing I love most about Dubai is that all the food is HALAL.

I don't have to worry about a thing other than getting fat!


Okay. gtg. need to get ready to go to the Dragon Mart as soon as my aunt gets home..


Saturday, September 12, 2009


12 days countdown to Dubai.

And just when I thought things were settled.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things that make me breathless. LOL.

I love going riding.

Especially at night.




My flight's confirm on the 24th at 11.40pm.

I'm suddenly so breathless, nervous and confused.

I'm really going.

I can't believe it.

I'm not prepared.

Emotionally, mentally and literally.


I can't bear to leave them behind. Can't bear to be so far away from them for so long. ='(

My Babe is making me cry.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

As they say, good things come in 2's.

2 almost identical Yamaha TZM.

2 pairs of movie tickets.

2 old friends reunited after 6-7 years.

2 cousins.

2 pairs of helmets.

2 girls.

2 guys.

2 old-school, weird-ishy names given to me and Amie by Sofri.

The bike in the middle was just some random person's bike that happened to be there. Different bike, but same paint work. Members dokz, members *Sniggers*

The 2 owners of the TZMs.

Us, the 2 girls & cousins.

Amie n me

Those sets of 2's were the ones which made my night so cool last night.

Had such fun.

Wish I could do this every night!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life and its ups and downs..

Haha. Just came across someone's blog.. It was very entertaining.. funny posts and some just don't make sense, well most prolly coz I don't know that person very well.. But I liked the way the blogger structures his posts. He sounds so much like a writer. nice2. It seemed so effortless. Well well. Kinda envious of the way the blogger entertains people with his words.

So anyhoo.

Back to the topic.

Hmm. My mind suddenly went blank.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dubai, Here I Come!

I'm really going to Dubai.

I still can't believe it!

And I just realized that my passport expires on the date that I'm scheduled to leave Singapore.


I'm still kinda shocked.. That I'm still going I mean..

1 month in DUBAI.


I'm so gonna miss the people here.. Especially you-know-who..


So anyway, which do you think is better? The old paint job or the new one? (lol, as if the bike's mine)

Haha. Anyway, the boyfriend likes to say, "You tak nak amek gambar dengan motor I ke?"
Translation: "Don't you want to take pictures with my bike?"

lol. miss that weirdo. All the best for your exams dear!

ARGH. haha. I'm still in a state of disbelief.

Okay fine, whatever.

I'm leaving in another month's time. hmm.